Annual Conference 2021 – Parallel Sessions

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The abstracts submitted to the parallel sessions are available in the following shared folder:

Abstracts Submitted to AMASES 2021 Conference – Shared Folder

A list of the parallel sessions/clusters is given below, as well as their programs, abstracts and virtual rooms. Attending the parallel sessions is free.

Climate risk and Integrated assessment models for economics and finance (Andrea Consiglio)September 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Dynamic Games (Alessandra Buratto)
Non Cooperative Games (Laura Ziani)
Cooperative Games (Michela Chessa)
September 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 833 7179 6651 , Passcode: 328208 )
Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (Fabio Tramontana)September 15th and 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Pandemic issues and crisis management: modeling by artificial intelligence, machine learning and dynamical systems (Massimiliano Ferrara , Bruno Antonio Pansera)September 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Optimal control and dynamics (Bruno Antonio Pansera , Massimiliano Ferrara)September 15thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Mathematical methods for sustainability challenges (Giovanna D’Inverno , Rossana Riccardi)September 15thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Time series modeling for Finance and Insurance (Edit Rroji , Lorenzo Mercuri)September 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Networks, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence in Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences (Fabrizio Lillo , Michele Tumminello , Piero Mazzarisi)September 15thProgramAbstractsSlidesVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 988 1052 2210 , Passcode: 816912 )
Interactions and complexity in social dynamics (Rosario Maggistro , Marco Tolotti)September 17thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 856 2830 4543 , Passcode: LrTf6j )
Variational Methods and Applications to Economics (Annamaria Barbagallo)September 17thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 957 0705 0677 )
Agent-based models and social interactions (Stephan Leitner , Paolo Pellizzari , Friederike Wall)September 17thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 856 2830 4543 , Passcode: LrTf6j )
Modeling Decisions for Smart Grids, Energy Communities, and Electric Vehicles (Paolo Falbo , Cristian Pelizzari , Antonio Violi)September 16th and 17thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (Debora Di Caprio , Massimo Squillante)September 15thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 840 1979 3902 , Passcode: 273718 )
Stochastic Methods in Finance and Insurance (Alessandra Cretarola , Katia Colaneri)September 15th, 16th and 17thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room
Optimization, Variational Analysis and Applications (Domenico Scopelliti , Monica Milasi)September 16thProgramAbstractsVirtual Room ( Meeting ID: 850 3008 3623 , Passcode: 622617 )
Decision Theory, Bounded Rationality and Preference Modeling (Alfio Giarlotta , Angelo Petralia)September 15th and 16thProgram – AbstractsVirtual Room

How to attend a session/cluster
Just contact the session organizers telling them the email address where the invitation to enter the virtual room should be sent.

How to give a talk in a session/cluster
Interested scholars just have to submit an abstract in the related page, to contact the session organizers and to give them a pdf copy of the abstract.

How to organize a session/cluster
Members willing to organize and manage a session/cluster at A.M.A.S.E.S. 2021 conference just have to contact the General Secretary who will spread the information within the community. Sessions will be streamed with the videoconference service chosen by the session organizer (Teams, Meet, Zoom, WebEx, Skype). The organizer will provide to the General Secretary the link to the virtual room of the session, as well as the talks scheduling.