Annual Conference 2021 – Parallel Sessions

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A list of the developing sessions/clusters is given below.

Further general sessions will be organized for talks belonging to topics not covered by the organized sessions/clusters above.

A detailed program of the Parallel Sessions will be available in September 2021.
All the links to the virtual rooms hosting the sessions will be available in this page.
Attending the event is free.

How to attend a session/cluster
Just contact the session organizers telling them the email address where the invitation to enter the virtual room should be sent.

How to give a talk in a session/cluster
Interested scholars just have to submit an abstract in the related page, to contact the session organizers and to give them a pdf copy of the abstract.

How to organize a session/cluster
Members willing to organize and manage a session/cluster at A.M.A.S.E.S. 2021 conference just have to contact the General Secretary who will spread the information within the community. Sessions will be streamed with the videoconference service chosen by the session organizer (Teams, Meet, Zoom, WebEx, Skype). The organizer will provide to the General Secretary the link to the virtual room of the session, as well as the talks scheduling.