EMS Membership

AMASES is a Corporate Member of the European Mathematical Society (EMS): http://euro-math-soc.eu/

This allows AMASES members to join EMS or renew the EMS membership with an additional 25 Euro reduced fee: https://www.amases.org/membership/membership-fee

The benefits for EMS members are listed at the following page: http://euro-math-soc.eu/individual-members

In particular, it is worth recalling the following individual benefits:

  • Free access to zbMATH
  • EMS Newsletter
  • access to the online Journal of the European Mathematical Society
  • reduced registration fees for the European Congresses
  • discount on books/journals published by the European Mathematical Society

Notice that EMS fees should be paid before March 31st.

To access zbMATH you need to contact zbMath: http://zbmath.org/contact/  or http://euro-math-soc.eu/individual-members and mention your EMS ID. They will create an access account on zbMATH. 

For old members the EMS ID is written on the Newsletter (sticker with the postal address). For the new members a welcome letter is sent separately. The ID is stated there.