Annual Conference 2020 – Videos

Invited Speakers    


Piero Manfredi
Department of Economics and Management
University of Pisa

Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases:
from Sir Ronald Ross to COVID-19


Salvatore Greco
Department of Economics and Business
University of Catania

The Robust Ordinal Regression
and the constructive approach of Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding

Best Paper Award



Flora Maria
Fragility of financial markets:
the Italian debt not-so-flash crash

Urbinati Niccolò
Walrasian objection mechanism and
Mas Colell’s bargaining set
in economies with many commodities

Cordoni Francesco
Instabilities in multi-asset and multi-agent
market impact games

Scognamiglio Salvatore
Time-series forecasting of mortality rates
using deep learning

Anna Battauz – Chair
Department of Finance
Bocconi University

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