AMASES Award for the best conference paper

This prize is given annually to the best paper presented at the AMASES Conference by a member of AMASES aged below thirty.


OPEN CALL (deadline June 15th, 2020)

AMASES Award for the best conference paper presented by members born after January 1st, 1990


Past Winners

  • 2019 Matteo Brachetta, University of Pescara, "Optimal Reinsurance and Investment in a Diffusion Model", with Hanspeter Schmidli, presented at the XLIII Annual AMASES Conference held in Perugia;
  • 2019 Francesco Rotondi, Università Bocconi, "On time-consistent multi-horizon portfolio allocation", with Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fulvio Ortu e Francesco Rotondi, presented at the XLIII Annual AMASES Conference held in Perugia;
  • 2018 Luca Gerotto, Ca' Foscari University, “Expectations and uncertainty: A common-source infection model for selected European countries”, with Antonio Paradiso, presented at the XLII Annual AMASES Conference held in Naples;
  • 2018 Luigi Boffino, University of Bergamo, “A Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization Framework for Planning Deeply Decarbonized Electric Power Systems”, with Antonio J. Conejo, Ramteen Sioshansi and Giorgia Oggioni, presented at the XLII Annual AMASES Conference held in Naples;
  • 2017 Giovanna D'Inverno, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, "Global public spending efficiency in Tuscan municipalities" with Laura Carosi and Letizia Ravagli, presented at the XLI Annual AMASES Conference held in Cagliari;
  • 2016 Federico Severino, Bocconi University, "Weak time-derivatives and no arbitrage pricing" with Massimo Marinacci, presented at the XL Annual AMASES Conference held in Catania;
  • 2015 Lucio Fiorin, University of Padova, “Quantized calibration in local volatility”,with Giorgia Callegaro and Martino Grasselli, presented at the XXXIX Annual AMASES Conference held in Padova;
  • 2014 Giorgio Ferrari, University of Bielefeld, “Continuous-Time Public Good Contribution under Uncertainty”, with Frank Riedel and Jan-Henrik Steg, presented at the XXXVIII Annual AMASES Conference held in Reggio Calabria;
  • 2013 Ruggero Caldana, Università del Piemonte Orientale and Cass Business School, “A general closed-form spread option pricing formula”, with Gianluca Fusai, presented at the XXXVII Annual AMASES Conference held in Stresa;
  • 2012 Marialaura Pesce, Università Federico II Napoli, “Are asymmetrically informed agents envious?”,  presented at the XXXVI A.M.A.S.E.S. Conference held in Vieste;
  • 2011 Clemente Gianpaolo, Università Cattolica Milano, “Hierarchical Structures in the Aggregation of Premium Risk for Insurance Underwriting”, with Nino Savelli, presented at the Workshop “Models for Risk Evaluations in Insurance” held in Tropea;
  • 2011 Claudio Fontana, Università di Padova, “Contingent claim valuation in diffusion-based financial market models without martingale measures”,  presented at the XXXIV Annual AMASES Conference held in Macerata.

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